International School of Exorcism

Exorcist convention in Lakeland, FL June 23-24 2017 FIRST ANNUAL CONVENTION International School of Exorcism ATTENDEES: Students, graduates, DWJD Team members, spouses and immediate family members. Topics: * Advanced Understanding of Soul-Parts * How to Detect Generational Alters * Discerning Between Demons & Mental Illness * Understanding the depth and power of soul-ties * Countering the Critics of Deliverance Make your Convention reservation TODAY or enroll in the School of Exorcism by calling 303-980-1511. Get ready for the spiritual highlight of your year! TO ENROLL IN THE SCHOOL OF EXORCISM CLICK HERE

Delivered From Depression

Anonymous testimony: My husband became part of the deliverance ministry many years ago. For years the family I was born into told me that I should stay far away from deliverance because “it is dabbling with the devil and bringing condemnation on my children.” I was fearful that they were right. I thought that if anything bad happened to my kids it would be my fault because I didn’t listen to my Christian parents. Finally, I agreed to talk with Paul and Alma. They told me that Christians were not supposed to be depressed. I had never heard that before. I had been on Prozac for 5 1/2 years for suicidal depression. Many members of my family were on anti-depressants, so I never questioned that this was wrong. Well one night at a deliverance team meeting, my husband stood behind me, encouraging me to allow Ed to pray over me. …

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Feeling Free!!!

Sent by Lisa in Australia after a Visit from Paul & Alma: Dear Paul and Alma, I hope you made it back to the US safe and sound and I hope you are both well. Well, here I am back in Melbourne. What a whirlwind the past 3 weeks have been, from a psychic, to exorcisms, to God, – can’t say I regret a thing though! So on the flight back to Melbourne I realised that something had changed, I didn’t know what, yet I knew a huge shift had occured in me. A dear friend of 12yrs picked me up from the airport early afternoon and I proceeded to tell her my story of what I had heard, seen, and experienced in the past 3 weeks. That Sunday she went to church with her children for the first time in her life, (except for weddings and funerals.) I also …

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My Deliverance Testimony

Submitted by Cynthia Y I grew up with a very controlling father. He was always emotionally distant and unavailable, a workaholic. He couldn’t get close to anyone, not even his wife and children. If a child is afraid in the middle of the night, they usually go running to their parents for comfort. Well, that didn’t happen in our house. The few times I tried that, my father would tell me, “Get back in your room, or I’ll put a lock on the outside of your door to make sure you stay there.” I learned at a young age that fear and pain were things I had to deal with alone. Everything in our house had to be done his way, or else it was wrong. If something wasn’t perfect, it was unacceptable. In spite of my father, I always thought I was a pretty normal child up until I …

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