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Written by Paul Cooprider, this informative e-Book will give you insight into the topic of Curses and how they impact people's lives.

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Excerpt from book:

What did I do to bring curses on myself? How does my ancestor’s sin affect me?

Why do I still have many of the same thoughts and temptations that I had before I became a Christian?

No office that we can hold in church leadership can assure us that there is no demonic activity or influence in our lives. In fact, just the opposite is usually the case. The more people that we’re capable of reaching with the gospel of Jesus Christ and freedom in Him, the bigger target we become for our enemy.

We have all watched the fall of many huge television ministries in the past two decades. These men became bigger targets for Satan as their ministry grew. Some of them had unresolved issues in their lives. Couple this with things from the past, even the distant past, that followed their generational line, and it is easier to understand why they fell. The target that they became, plus the ancestral curses from the past, plus their own unresolved issues can be blamed for the fall.

Unfortunately, as Christians, we aren’t taught that great grandpa’s sins can still have an effect on us. In this teaching I will attempt to bring light to the fact that what happened in my family hundreds of years ago can still be influencing my life today.


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