Multiple Personality Disorder eBook

Multiple Personality Disorder e-Book


Written by Paul Cooprider, this informative 14 page e-Book will give you fresh insight into the topic of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Also available in Spanish here.

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Excerpt from book:

The purpose of this teaching on Multiple Personality Disorder is to enable our deliverance team to be equipped to help more hurting people, and to bring more of the hurting people to the knowledge that they can have complete freedom in their walk with the Lord. My goal with this article is to simplify the subject and to make it easy for anyone to learn to minister healing in this way. This subject draws more attention than any thing else that we teach. The results of knowing how to get into the “system” inside of hurting people, has brought phenomenal victory and freedom to hundreds of people over the last few years. The purpose of discussing this subject is to make us aware that about 90% of the people seeking deliverance need much more than deliverance alone. They need some deep healing in their soul from wounds that came in their childhood, or possibly from a curse from many generations ago. In the following pages I will be discussing some cases that we have worked with over the past nine years. Since learning about MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), these types of deliverance cases have become much easier to understand and to work with. Before knowledge of MPD, we muddled through these cases and God was very merciful to the people we worked with and to us also. Most were eventually set free through the grace of God, but now with this knowledge, it’s so much easier on the person seeking deliverance and on the deliverance minister as well. In Hosea 4:6 we read “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Knowledge brings power. The power of God is always available if we know how to use it.


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